Monday, October 28, 2013

Paint & Exterior Goodies!

Now that we have a solid suspension, brakes and engine performance we needed to make sure that the exterior followed suit. Settin Trendz in Fresno, California could not have done a better job. For the exterior a mix of Spyder Auto, Street Scene, Settin Trendz, BedRug, Bushwacker and AVS products were installed.

We dropped off the truck with Jeff at AVS for a bolt in door popper kit and alarm. Jeff installed a bolt in door popper kit (part number TBA), pre wired wiring harness, interior rocker switch and an alarm system. After Jeff was all finished up the truck went over to Settin Trendz to begin the transformation.

Settin Trendz used their own custom made filler plates for the door handles and stake pockets. Adam has designed form fitting end caps to be used with the steel Street Scene rollapn. (Street Scene Part# 950-71128)

After a few days in the hands of Settin Trendz we ended up with this

Here you will find more details of the parts used to achieve this simple and clean look

BedRug Part #BRC07SBK

Bushwacker Tailgate Cap Part #48516

Street Scene Steel Rollpan Part#950-71128
Street Scene Tailgate Handler Relocator Part#950-61131
Spyder Auto Tail Lights Part#5001795

Street Scene Electric Mirrors Part#  950-11960

Street Scene Steel Cowl Hood Part# 950-71129

Street Scene Billet Grille Upper Part# 950-80176
Street Scene Billet Grille Bumper Part# 950-80177
Spyder Auto Headlights Part# 5033871

Budnik Billet 22" Tungsten 6 Wheels

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roadwire Interior & Sound Stream Audio

When you drive a lot you want a comfortable interior and some jams. Roadwire was the first company to come to mind when discussing converting our cloth seats over to leather & suede. We decided to go with a Black Leather base with black suede insert topped off with red stitching. After a few hours at Fresno Unlimited for installation we ended up with a perfect result. Note: We didn't use the headrests because we thought it looked bitchin' without.

As you know we bought a WORK TRUCK edition of the Regular Cab Silverado. We couldn't add a Roadwire kit without swapping the vinyl mat to a custom made carpet kit by Fresno Unlimited.

Now on the the tunes. After using Pioneer headunits in the past we picked up a Navigation Touch Screen Pioneer headunit. I picked up a PAC GM29 module to maintain all the factory chimes off eBay for about $25 and a Metra install/wiring harness kit for $20.

Chris and his guys over at Dynamite Car Audio in Clovis, CA were ready to get their hands on the truck to install the goodies we received from Sound Stream. Sound Stream sent us over a 10" subwoofer from their Picasso line.(Part# PCO.10). To power their subwoofer we received a 640 watt amp. (Part #PN5.640D). To finish off the sound system we used a Sound Stream components kit and speakers. Dynamite Car Audio finished off the simple and clean interior by wrapping a custom made speaker box in matching black suede.

Stay tuned for more on the SEMA build!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Belltech Suspension and Wilwood Brakes

I have to admit this is the week I have been waiting for since I sprained my ankle getting out of the truck. Ya it's okay you can laugh.

Our truck features a Belltech complete 5/8 lowering kit, Wilwood braking system, Airlift helper bags with a WirelessOne system finished up with a Viair air management system.

Here is the list of components from Belltech we used to get the 5/8 drop.
  • 2" Drop Spindles Part# 2511
  • 2" Lowering Springs Part#12464
  • Camber Bushings & Cam Plates Part#4957
  • Lowering Struts Part#25003
  • Front 1 3/8" Diameter Sway Bar Part#5407
  • 7" Flip Kit Part#6522
  • 1" Shackle Part#6700
  • C-Notch Kit Part#TBA
Belltech's new 2" drop spindle Part#2511 (More info coming soon!)

Bigger sway bar Part#5407

Belltech kept it classic with their notch design for this truck. More info coming soon!

Stopping power is always a huge plus. The rear of our truck came with a drum. Luckily the guy's over at Wilwood had a solution to get us running a 6 piston front and 4 piston rear system. To achieve the 4 piston rear system we had to purchase GM Part# 19178787 (x2) and GM Part# 15012506 (x4).

GM Part# 19178787 (x2)

GM Part# 15012506 (x4)

Front Completed

Rear Completed

Here is a before and after of our truck.

Stay tuned for the Airlift Helper Bag and Viair Air Management install....

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Performance Goodies!

The clock is ticking fast til the SEMA SHOW. After receiving an Airaid Intake System and Throttle Body, Optima Yellow Top Battery and Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust we got to town on installing it.

The Airaid Intake System and Throttle Body installed in less than an hour. Our 2013 Silverado has just a little 4.3 so any extras help! We used part number 200-585-1 for the Throttle Body and  200585-1 for the Intake System. We wanted a deeper sound from our exhaust none better to use then a Magnaflow's Cat Back System Part#17101. The truck has a much better sound and better throttle response.


Stock Air Box




Optima Battery Installed


After w/ Magnaflow's Cat Back System

Friday, July 19, 2013

SEMA Build

With the SEMA show just months away we decided to pick up a project. A brand new 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 2WD V6 from Merle Stone in Tulare, California. Within hours of picking up the truck we called our good friends over at Settin' Trendz in Fresno, California for a conceptual rendering.

First thing Monday morning we called Belltech Sport Trucks to see how low we can get our Regular Cab. With surprise Belltech told us we can get a 6/9 drop with their components.

Belltech 6/9 Lowering Kit w/ Front Sway Bar

After a few discussions with the marketing team at Belltech we were invited to be apart of the Belltech SEMA display. Robbie & Brian of KEG Media jumped on the opportunity to design the computerized renderings for all of Belltech's SEMA builds including ours.

Since we saved a few bucks by selecting the V6 model we needed to add a little power and sound to our truck. Our longtime build partners Magnaflow, Optima Batteries, AVS and Airaid sent us some goodies.

AVS Shaved Door Kit with 8 Channel Remote System

Airaid Air Intake System & Throttle Body Spacer

Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust System

Optima Batteries Yellow Top

Stay Tuned for how to articles on how all of these products install and look on our build!