Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Measure for Wheel Spacers

Another question we get often from our coilover customers is " Which wheel spacers do I need? " This is another question we tend to back away from. Here is why: There are too many different wheel combinations. By combinations I mean offset, diameter and etc.

The guys over at H & R have put together a simple HOW TO to know you are ordering the right wheel spacers.

1. Gather Tools
To properly measure your wheel gap you will need a few simple tools:

  • Measuring device with millimeter units
  • Straight edge--Yard stick or similar

2. Check Your Gap

  • Place a straight edge flush with the face of the wheel and tire combination. Make sure the straight edge touches the tire in two spots to keep the straight edge even with the tire.
  • Use the measuring device to measure from the inside of the straight edge to the inner fender lip. (see diagram)
  • Make sure that the measurement is taken at the point where the wheel and tire is closest to the fender. For instance, on a car with a large amount of negative camber the tire and wheel may be closest at the front or rear edge of the fender.

Now that you have wheel spacers do not forget longer wheel bolts. Here is how to measure the bolts:

Here is a video courtesy of H&R

**Note content of this blog post is courtesy of H&R's website. We do not take credit for any of the photos,videos or text of the how to content.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Properly Measure Vehicle Ride Height

We often get the phone call or email saying "I don't know how much I want to lower my ride." The best way to get an idea is to measure.

Here is how to successfully do that:

1) Park your vehicle on a level surface. By doing this you ensure accurate results when getting the vehicle's ride height measurements

2) By using a measuring tape start from the center of the axle hub going straight up to the bottom of the fender lip.

3) Repeat this process for all four sides.

This is also a process we recommend BEFORE you install your lowered/lifted suspension. By having before and after measurements you can know the total actual amount of ride height you have achieved.

Now that you have figured out the ride height for your vehicle you want to know what size wheels and tires will work. We typically won't suggest a size to you unless we have personal experience with the same vehicle and suspension as you.

We do have a niffy tool from the guys over at Discount Tire to use. By using their Tire Dimensions tool you can see what tire size and rim will work.

Ya we just gave you some homework, but hey look at it this way at least by doing the measurements we can ensure you order the right stuff the first time and will be happy with your new stance.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photoshoot of 2013 Chevy Silverado Reg Cab

After the dust settled from SEMA and the holidays were over we finally had a chance for some photos. We enlisted the help of a local photographer and model. Special thanks to the following sponsors:

  • AVS
  • Budnik Wheels
  • Belltech Sport Trucks
  • Settin Trendz
  • Fresno Unlimited
  • Street Scene Equipment
  • Roadwire Leather Interiors
  • Wilwood Disc Brakes
  • Falken Tires
  • Viair Corp
  • Soundstream Audio
  • Spyder Auto
  • Bedrug
  • Leer
  • TRex Grilles
  • Coverking
  • Airaid
  • Magnaflow Exhaust
  • Dynamite Car Audio Clovis
  • Airlift
  • Optima Batteries

Now for the photos you were waiting for......